Patio Umbrella Blues?

Vinyl and canvas umbrellas are best cleaned with a sponge and mild detergent. The detergent can be anything such as liquid dishwashing soap or a liquid car washing solution. Let the soapy solution work for several minutes before hosing off the umbrella. It’s best to do this in the shade so sunshine doesn’t dry out the soapy solution. Rinse completely, then leave the umbrella open to dry. If a deep cleaning becomes necessary, use a long-handled brush made of soft nylon to work the soapy solution into the umbrella.

Close the umbrella during stormy or windy weather. Once the skies clear, re-open and rinse the umbrella to clear out any debris in the folds. Apply automotive exterior vinyl protectant to help repel dirt from vinyl umbrellas.

Patio umbrellas should be cleaned and dried completely before they’re taken down and stored for the winter.

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