Cleaning Pergo Floors

Sweep or vacuum Pergo floors with a hard-floor attachment. Damp mop using a 1:16 mixture of vinegar and water or 1:48 mixture of ammonia and water. Pergo flooring does not require waxing or refinishing. Avoid using soap or detergents, as these will leave a film, dulling the floor surface.

Apply acetone (lanolin-free nail-polish remover) or denatured alcohol to a soft cloth before gently scrubbing persistent stains and spills. Wipe residue with a clean, dry cloth. Allow candle wax and chewing gum to harden, then remove with a blunt plastic scraper. Ice cubes will hasten hardening in some cases.

Never sand or refinish laminate flooring. Pergo is scratch-resistant but not scratchproof. Place walk-off mats inside and outside all entrances to reduce abrasion from dirt and grit. Place floor protection over Pergo while moving lightweight furniture across the surface. Two or more people should carry heavy objects over the floor. Avoid use of vacuum cleaner beater bar attachments, which can also scratch the finish. Color-matched finishing putty may be used to repair chips or dents 1/4 inch (6 mm) or less in area. Remove and replace planks with larger dings.

For more information, visit Pergo's consumer maintenance information page.

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