Toward Lint-Free Laundry

You can remove lint from clothing with a lint brush or lint roller, but successful removal doesn’t depend on investing in these cleaning tools. Pat a wide, transparent piece of tape, such as packing tape, onto the garment, and lint will strip away from the clothing on the tape adhesive.

Reduce lint on your laundry with the following tips:

• Garments that shed lint should be washed separately. These include towels, bathrobes, sweaters, and the like. Also, separate dark and light-colored garments.

• Go through all pockets in a wash load to remove all paper items like tissues, note scraps, or matchbooks. Coins should be removed to prevent pocket damage.

• If your washing machine has one, clean the lint filter before washing each load, then make sure the dryer filter isn’t clogged. Both will be more effective in removing lint if they’re clean.

• Don’t overload the washing machine or dryer. The washer needs sufficient water to carry away loosened fibers; the same goes for air in the dryer.

• Use fabric softener in the washer, or dryer sheets for drying, if necessary.

Reference: Jeff Bredenberg, editor, in Clean It Fast, Clean It Right: The Ultimate Guide to Making Everything You Own Sparkle & Shine.

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