Clean Fiberglass Showers and More

Fiberglass is a resin with embedded glass fibers, and it’s used everywhere — from skylights and campers to bathtubs, bath enclosures, sinks, canoes, and lots of other familiar objects. As long as it’s not scratched, fiberglass is easily cleaned.

The more scratches that get into the finish layer of fiberglass, the more places dirt has to hide, so avoid dry-scrubbing fiberglass. Use only soft sponges or cloths and avoid all abrasive pads and cleansers. Use only mild cleaners; you may even be able to wipe it clean with plain water. Avoid strong solvents such as paint thinner, acetone or high alkaline cleaners which can damage the plastic resin in fiberglass.

Apply car wax to fiberglass occasionally after cleaning just as you would to your car’s surface — dirt just slides off the protective coating. However, use a bath mat for safety’s sake if you wax the bottom of a fiberglass tub.

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