Got Cattle Tracks in Your House?

Cattle tracks is a term used by carpet cleaning professionals to describe high-traffic areas – lanes where people walk near entrances and through rooms. Not surprisingly, cattle tracks are where more soil gets ground into the nap, increasing wear and tear on the carpet.

Cattle tracks can also appear on newly cleaned carpeting. This occurs when soil and excess moisture aren’t extracted completely from deep down inside the pile. As the carpet dries, the soil wicks up to the surface along with evaporating moisture. This is a frequent pitfall for homeowners who buy or rent portable extraction equipment and shampoo their own carpeting. Making several drying passes (no solution, only suction) with the one-piece extractor or the wand will help.

You may need to hire a reputable professional using truck-mounted extraction equipment to remove persistent cattle tracks. Truck-mounted extractors provide hotter water, higher pressure and better suction than portable extractors.

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