Overcoming "Are We There Yet?"

Remember, as a kid, enjoying silly word games with your parents during family road trips in the car? Like me, you probably also remember a few backseat battles with siblings.
Next time you and yours are packed in the car and your hear, “Are we there yet?” or worse, “He/she’s on my side,” try asking your brood these engaging questions:

- Besides music, what are some of your favorite sounds? Continue the conversation by asking about favorite smells, tastes, sensations, and sights.

- What would you do if…? Think of all the situations your kids might face in which you hope they would make safe decisions, display good manners, or be a good friend. Make-up as many “What if” questions as the kids are interested in answering.

- What is something you already know about…? Think of fun trivia questions on current events, history, geography, zoology, biology, etc. Share your thoughts too, but briefly. Let them be “right” as much as possible.

- Ask the kids what questions they have for you. This way, as the miles fly by, you and your kids will have some time to share, with one and other, what is in your hearts.

With a handful of question ideas, long trips in the car or even traffic jams can be great opportunities for family conversation and connection.

Cindy Dormer thinks that family conversation is key to family happiness. Contact her at [email protected] or through her Web site, www.holdkids.com.

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