Laundry Room Storage

Need more storage space? Here are some helpful tips to help you organize that small area that seems to demand so much space.

Try the semi-new containers that fit between your washer and dryer or between the wall and either unit. Slim and clean looking, they will help keep things organized. Use them for those single socks that have lost their mates.

Then, every week or two, take about 5 minutes and match up the pairs you thought were lost forever. It DOES work most of the time!

If you have shelves that go all the way to the floor (you need this for shorter children), get some baskets, or buckets, like the ones that go on sale for a dollar at the drug stores or K-Mart. Put one on each shelf and label each with a family member's name.

If you fold your laundry in the same room, this is a great organizer!

Fold everyone's clean wash but leave their socks in the baskets. Even a three year old can take his basket and dump the contents in his drawer. And, if you know who's socks are NOT coming out in pairs, put the unmatched socks in the owner's basket.

For your little ones, keep the mismatched socks in the slim drawer until YOU find the match. With little ones, you may never see those socks again if you don't. So, get some shelving and containers if you can. It will help!

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