Frugal Tea Tip II

In addition to re-using tea bags, here is another Frugal Herbal Tea tip. Instead of buying the brand-name herbal teas, stop by your local Greenhouse. Most herbs are very easy to grow, and a small plant costs about the same as a box of tea! A teaspoon of herb added in with a generic "plain tea" teabag should do the trick. Fresh herbs have much more flavor than boxed bags. (Plus, you'll be adding greenery to your kitchen window.)

If you don't want to grow a plant, then check your baking aisle. Cinnamon, nutmeg, and many of the other herbs and spices in those specialty teas are available there. One bottle costs about the same as a box of tea, and lasts a lot longer. If you don't find it there, consider searching an herb or whole-foods store.
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