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I know that there are alot of people who in the winter dread the thought of the OIL TRUCK pulling in to fill the tank........I have been doing this for quite a few years now by buying all my fuel at once such as end of June into July.This year I locked in at 103.9 per gal with the street price at 117.9 per gal that was a savings of 14cents per gal or for me as I have huge old house where I need 1300 gal (includes heating hot water)that was $382.00 today oil went up 3more cents.....what I really am saying is each mouth I pay my savings what I would pay each month for heat,collect interest on that and once a year buy all my oil.I can't make that type of money gains in any type of banking or stocks and I save anywheres from 15% to 30% on oil Make your on BUDGET PLAN and Save all this EXTRA$$$$$$$
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