Save Water, Reduce That Bill!

Water is something we just seem to take for granted.
When we turn on the faucet we don't think much about
the fact that (unless you have your own well) it arrives in
your pipes after traveling many miles of pipeline and going
through a lengthy treatment process. Here are a few tips
to help you conserve the water in your pipes and the
money in your wallet:

--Replace regular toilets with low-flow (1.6 gallons per
flush) models.
(Save up to 350 gallons weekly)
--Cover your a pool. This slows slow evaporation and
keeps pool water cleaner, cutting the need for chemicals.
(Save up to 250 gallons weekly)
--Replace old-fashioned showerheads with low-flow (2.5
gallons per minute) models.
(Save up to 230 gallons weekly)
--Use car washes that recycle water. If washing at home,
use a bucket and sponge, then rinse quickly at the end.
(Saves up to 150 gallons weekly)
--When doing laundry, never wash less than a full load.
(Save up to 100 gallons weekly)
--Repair leaking toilets.
(Save up to 100 gallons weekly for each toilet)
--When taking a bath, make it a shallow one with no more
than three inches of water.
(Save up to 100 gallons per person weekly)
--Don't use a running hose to "sweep" your patio, driveway
or sidewalks.
(Saves up to 100 gallons weekly)
--Rinse fresh produce in a sink or pan filled with water
instead of under a running faucet.
(Save up to 30 gallons weekly)
--Run your garbage disposal only on alternate days.
(Save up to 25 gallons weekly)

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