Grocery and Household Cost Cutting Tips (XIII)

86. Invest in a good roaster rather than using disposable

87. Everyday extracts (vanilla) can often be substituted
for more exotic, less used extracts.

88. Occasionally bake some muffins instead of buying
cookies. Fill them with whole grains, fruit and vegetables.
They generally contain less fat and sugar than cookies.

89. Leftovers from dinner often make a good, economical

90. According to Good Housekeeping Magazine, grocery
co-ops (buying in bulk), can help cut your food bill by as
much as 40 percent.

91. Individual servings of juice are costly when compared
to a large can of the same juice. Make smaller portions by
pouring into jam or mayonnaise jars.

92. Also, buy large bags instead of small bags of snacks.
Package your own for lunch treats, etc.

93. Don't "push" large portions of food on children who
cannot eat them.

94. On gas stoves, keep the flame just under the pan to
conserve fuel.

95. Use leftover rolls, French bread, etc., for garlic bread
or croutons for salads). Toast in a toaster oven.

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