Grocery and Household Cost Cutting Tips (XI)

66. Keep fresh parsley in the freezer all ready for use,
after washing, stemming and drying it.

67. When tomatoes are in abundance, core them and
freeze them whole. Just before using, hold under running
water and the skin will come right off. Use in stews,
sauces, etc.

68. Skin a whole batch of garlic and freeze in plastic
bags. This gives it a much greater shelf life and it can be
used directly from the freezer.

69. The bigger the turkey, the cheaper it is per pound
(the bones weigh, too!).

70. For those who enjoy bacon, buy it on sale and
freeze in desired amounts. Cook on low. No need to

71. Look for cookbooks that offer suggestions on
how to use up leftovers. Check your local library.

72. Lightly butter the cut edges of semi-hard cheeses;
they will be less likely to dry out or mold. (cheddar,
Swiss, Monterey Jack, blue)

73. Combine small amounts of leftover soups for a
different taste.

74. When making several sandwiches, it is sometimes
cheaper to buy long loaves of bread (Italian or French)
and cut them than it is to buy individual rolls.

75. Go to the library to look for new recipes.

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