Grocery and Household Cost Cutting Tips (IX)

51. If you use a double boiler, the hot water left in the
bottom can be used to heat frozen, cooked pasta just
minutes before mealtime.

52. Mix your own cinnamon and sugar.

53. Buy less expensive spices to refill the "fancy" bottles
on your spice rack.

54. Don't throw food away. Constantly monitor your
refrigerator and use your leftovers quickly. (Make sure
something "new" is on the menu.)

55. Transfer boxed cookies, crackers, etc., to glass
jars for longer storage.

56. Start a compost pile in your back yard.

57. Be aware that different sizes of the same product
are not always side by side on the grocer's shelf.

58. Shake an appropriate liquid into a bottle to utilize
all there is (for instance, vinegar in the catsup bottle
when making barbecue sauce).

59. Cook the poultry giblets for your dogs. They'll
love you for it.

60. Dry celery leaves or fresh herbs in your oven when
you've turned off the oven after baking something else.
Jarred, they last a long time, and add flavor to soups
and stews.

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