Grocery and Household Cost Cutting Tips (VIII)

41. If you use coffee only on occasion, store coffee
beans in the freezer; they'll last longer.

42. Cut up your own chickens. (Stew it in your
pressure cooker for a delicious meal.)

43. Freeze leftover iced tea.

44. Use a blender to make your own bread crumbs,
cracker crumbs.

45. Keep brown sugar from hardening by storing it in
well-sealed plasticware.

44. Instead of your oven, use your energy efficient toaster
oven to bake potatoes or par-bake them in the microwave,
and then immediately continue cooking in the oven until

46. Freeze leftover spaghetti, rice, noodles. Delicious
soup can be made quickly by adding these along with
carrots, onions, etc., to canned or homemade chicken
broth. (The broth from stewing chicken in your pressure
cooker is wonderful.)

47. If only a small amount of cheese or cold cuts is
needed, don't feel bound to buying 1/4 of a pound
(most markets will cut as little as 2 ounces).

48. Use generic, bottled lemon when fresh lemons
are too expensive.

49. Check marked-down produce. It is often a real

50. Recycle aluminum foil for further use in the kitchen.

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