Quick & Easy Skin Remedy Home Treatments (II)

* DRY, CRACKED SKIN. Mix one tablespoon dried
kelp with one tablespoon vegetable shortening. Massage
into dry areas. Wipe off with a coarse washcloth.

overripe tomato's skin. In a blender, crush slightly.
Using a cotton ball, apply tomato pulp to clean face.
Leave on for 15 minutes. Rinse with warm water.
(Tomatoes contain oil-absorbing acids and natural

* SLEEP LINES REMOVER. If at all possible,
avoid sleeping on your face. It may take some getting
used to but it will help reduce wrinkling. If you do
wake up with one of those annoying creases on your
face, take a very warm, very wet wash cloth and
hold it on the crease until it cools. Dry off the
wetness with a warm hair dryer. Repeat until the
crease is gone.

* BODY SCRUB. Mix one cup coarse sea salt
with 3/4 cup peppermint tea, forming a paste. Use
in the shower to exfoliate and create glowing skin.

* CHAPPED SKIN. Warm cotton gloves in the
dryer. Massage udder balm or petroleum jelly into
chapped hands and cuticles and other chapped
areas of the skin. Wear gloves overnight. Cover
other chapped areas with gauze pads.

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