How To Lower The Cost Of Your Homeowners Insurance

Here are some often overlooked ways to get a break on your
homeowners insurance:

1. Increase your deductible. By raising your deductible, you
might be able to save as much as 25 percent on premiums.

2. Take more than one policy out with the same company.
For instance, use the same company for your auto or liability
insurance as you do for your homeowners policy.

3. Buy a new home. Newer homes are generally in better
structural condition than old fixer-uppers, so you may get
lower premium rates.

4. Improve the security of your home, with new smoke
detectors, alarms and similar devices.

5. Be a loyal customer. Some insurers reward customer
loyalty with lower rates if you've had a policy with them

6. Don't smoke. There is a higher incidence of fire in the
homes of smokers. Non-smoking families may be able
to get lower rates.

7. Ask about senior discounts. If you're over 60, the
company may offer you a better deal.

Source: "The Bottom Line Bargain Book" (adapted)

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