More Indoor Lighting Hints To Make Houseplants Thr

* When growing plants under artificial light, choose those
that prefer low to medium sunlight.

* Keep your plants very close to the light source - no more
than 6 to 12 inches away. The intensity of light diminishes
drastically the farther away you move from it. To increase
intensity, add more fluorescent tubes, grouped together.

* Rearrange your plants regularly around their light source,
to ensure that they all receive equal exposure. The greatest
amount of light is emitted from the center of a fluorescent

* For even growth, rotate plant pots relative to their
position vis-a-vis the light source, so that it is not the
same part of the plant that is always facing the light

* Leave the lights on 14 to 16 hours each day. A couple of
hours daily won't suffice. But don't leave the lights on all
the time, as plants need periods of darkness, for rest.

Source: "The Practical Guide to Practically Everything"

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