Shopping For Used Bargains? Prepare This Gear Firs

To make your treasure hunt as productive as possible -
before you head out to the flea markets, thrift shops and
garage sales - have the following supplies on hand:

* CASH. Many places that sell secondhand goods do
not accept personal checks or credit cards.

* SHOPPING BAG. Bags are usually in short supply,
especially at flea markets.

* MOIST TOWELETTES. After rummaging through
used merchandise, you will want to clean your hands.

* TAPE MEASURE. You'll need to know whether an
item you've found is the right size for you. An alternative
is to learn the measurements of your feet and hands,
then use those to gauge the size of objects under

* MAGNIFYING GLASS. Helps you read
hard-to-see labels or markings on an item.

* MAGNET. Test metals in lamps, jewelry and
collectibles. Magnets won't stick to brass, silver,
bronze or gold but will stick to iron and cheap
base metals.

* NOTEPAD. With a small pocket notepad, you
can jot down notes about an item in one exhibitor's
booth, for example, to refer to when you compare
it with a similar item in another exhibitor's flea
market space.

Bonus tip: If you're going to be out in the sun for
extended periods of time, consider bringing a hat
and sunscreen lotion.

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