Furniture Polish

The idea behind furniture polish for wood products
is to absorb oil into the wood. Many oils commonly
found in our kitchens work very well.

Vegetable Oil or Olive Oil and Lemon Juice. Mix 2
parts oil and 1 part lemon juice. Apply and polish
with a soft cloth. This leaves furniture looking and
smelling good.

For Unfinished Wood: Mineral Oil*. Mineral oil is
flammable. Apply sparingly with a soft cloth. For
lemon oil polish, dissolve 1 teaspoon lemon oil into
1 pint mineral oil. CAUTION: Mineral spirits should
never be substituted for mineral oil as it can be
dangerous when inhaled or absorbed through
the skin.

For Mahogany: Vinegar. Mix equal pans white
vinegar and warm water. Wipe onto wood and
then polish with a chamois cloth.

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