Window And Glass Cleaner

A few tips on window washing:
(1) never wash windows while the sun is shining on
them because they dry too quickly and leave streaks;
(2) when polishing windows use up and down strokes
on one side of the window and side to side strokes on
the other to tell which side requires extra polishing; and
(3) to polish windows or mirrors to a sparkling shine,
try a natural linen towel or other soft cloth, a clean,
damp chamois cloth, a squeegee, or crumpled
newspaper. One word of warning about newspaper:
while newspaper does leave glass lint-free with a dirt-
resistant film, persons with sensitivities to fumes from
newsprint may wish to avoid the use of newspaper as a
cleaning tool.

Vinegar. Wash windows or glass with a mixture of equal
pans of white vinegar and warm water. Dry with a soft
cloth. Leaves windows and glass streakless. To remove
those stubborn hardwater sprinkler spots and streaks, use
undiluted vinegar.

Borax* or Washing Soda*. Two tablespoons of borax
or washing soda mixed into 3 cups water makes a good
window cleaner. Apply to surface and wipe dry.

Lemon Juice. Mix 1 tablespoon lemon juice in 1 quart
water. Apply to surface and wipe dry.

Baking Soda. To clean cut glass, sprinkle baking soda
on a damp rag and clean glass. Rinse with clean water
and polish with a soft cloth.

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