Cleaning Supplies Tip

Do you make do with less-than-adequate cleaning
supplies? Do you realize that a long-handled squeegee
is exactly the tool you need when you hose down your
porch - but don't know where to find one? Do you feel
that cleaning products are grossly overpriced? If any
of these apply to you, then it's time to visit your local
janitorial supply store.

At your local janitorial supply store, you'll find exactly
the tools you need for less than you'd usually pay, if
you could find them, at a discount store. Professional
cleaning products are often sold in concentrated form
--in other words, you simply add water to use. The
initial outlay for concentrated cleaners is generally
greater than in non-concentrated form, but you'll save
money over the long haul. You can even buy
concentrated products in single-use packets, so
there's no measuring involved.

Why not give yourself the same advantage as
professionals, and save money at the same time?

- Peggy Clements

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