Restaurant Reviewer's Dining-Out Secrets

* Never order fish on Monday -- odds are, it was
fresh on Saturday.

* Best time to make a dinner reservation at a popular
restaurant is about six hours before you want to eat.
That is when cancellations start coming in.

* Avoid dining out on holidays. Restaurants are so
overbooked that they often charge double for the
same meals they serve every day.

* Better: Have your special meal the day before or after
the holiday.

* Become a regular. The best restaurant is the one at
which you are known.

* Go out for lunch. Restaurants that are always full for
dinner are often desperate for midday business and
may charge half as much then for the same menu items.

* Avoid new restaurants for at least three months -- while
they work out the kinks.

* Be nice. It's the surest way to get good service.

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