Winterizing the Car -- It's Not Too Late!

It's not too late to have your car serviced for winter. Your
mechanic can check the following:

* Filters and fluids: Make sure fluids are full and
filters are clean for maximum efficiency.

* Rubber hoses and drive belts: If any hoses and belts
are old, damaged, or lose, they can cause problems in
cold weather.

* Tires: Regularly check tires to make sure they are in
good shape and filled with air. Rotate tires for even
wear and always carry a spare.

* Battery: Be sure to have your battery tested.

* Brakes, motor, and transmission: Have your mechanic
check these components as well.

In the winter, stock your trunk with a snowbrush, shovel,
and rock salt, as well as tire chains for heavy snowfall
areas. Include a warm blanket, bottled water, packaged
snacks, a flashlight, and a pair of comfortable shoes in
case of emergencies. It doesn't hurt to throw in jumper

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