Use Artificial Lighting To Make Houseplants Thrive

Unless you have a sunroom or greenhouse, the biggest
dilemma of having plants indoors is providing them with
enough light. Even if you have windows, they may be less
than ideal if they're facing in a direction that gets little
sun or if they're shaded by a tree or porch overhang.

Plants suffering from light deprivation are often lanky,
with pale or yellowed leaves. Luckily, you can lend a
helping hand with artificial lighting.

The best type of artificial light is FLUORESCENT.
Incandescent light doesn't provide the right kind of light
for optimal growth. It also produces a lot of heat, which
can burn your plants.

Fluorescent light comes in several varieties: the standard
ones, which you can find at any hardware store or home
improvement center, are fine for growing small plants such
as African violets.

For larger plants, go for higher-output fluorescents, which
emit much more light and can be found at most well-equipped
garden centers or through mail-order gardening supply

Source: "The Practical Guide to Practically Everything"

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