I know there has been lots of tips before to cut your family's hair yourself versus going to a salon but as a hairstylist myself I would advice against this unless it is a haircut you know how to do such as a buzz cut. The reason I say this is because people try to do this on their own and then it gets messed up and they wind up having to go into a salon to get it fixed and salons know this so they up the price to "fix" the haircuts. I say it is much more frugal to just look in your paper and call the salons to find out when there sales are or if they have one. In fact also check the back of your grocery receipts many salons will put a coupon on the back to generate business. I just think people are mislead that it is easier to cut the hair yourself if you do not know what your doing because the salons will take advantage of that. :)
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