Basic Guide To Herbs For Your "Home Spa" Treatment

You can enjoy the sensation and benefits of an expensive
"health spa" treatment in the privacy and comfort of your
own home, for just pennies, by placing herbs in your
bath water.

Different herbs provide subtly distinct sensations. Place
one type of herb or a mixture in a cloth or net bag, then
toss the bag into the tub or hang it on the faucet as the
tub fills.

Use the simple guide below to help you choose the
herbs you use.

* STIMULATING, for a refreshing early-morning bath:
lovage, mint, rosemary, sage, orange, pine, thyme

* TRANQUILIZING, for an end-of-the-day bath:
chamomile, sandalwood, lavender, marjoram,
marigold mint

* RELIEF for sore muscles or joints: sassafras,
wintergreen, lavender

* RELIEF for itchy skin: parsley, sage, rosemary,

* ANTIDOTE to fatigue or stress: pine, sage, fir
(plus a cup of cider vinegar)

Source: "Great Health Hints & Handy Tips" (adapted)

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