Ten Easy Ways To save Your Hard-Earned Dollars

* Switch From A Bank To A Credit Union. Larger credit
unions offer free checking, low or no annual fees on credit
cards and excellent rates on car loans.

* Buy Home Heating Oil In The Summer. If you are a
do-it-yourselfer with extra space, you can buy a used
second tank (check local laws about installation and

* Change The Oil In Your Car Yourself. It's easy when
you know how.

* Review Your Insurance Policies. Take higher
deductibles where you can afford them and eliminate
coverage that someone with your lifestyle does not need.
Also, check with your agent to make sure that you are
getting any discounts to which you are entitled.

* Make Your Own Popcorn. The average family can
save $100 a year this way.

* Rent Videos Instead Of Going To The Movies.
Better yet, check them out for free, from your local
public library.

* Reduce Smoking By 3 Cigarettes A Day. Or give
up the habit altogether and save even more.

* Make Pizza From Scratch instead of having it delivered.

* Give Personal Services Rather Than Store Bought
Presents. And make your own greeting cards, instead
of buying them at the store.

* Share A Newspaper Subscription With Your Neighbor.
Do the same with magazine subscriptions. Or take what
your library would otherwise throw away.

Source: Amy Dacyczyn, "The Frugal Zealot" (adapted)

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