Smarter Shopping, On "The Other Side Of Retail"

You can find great bargains when you shop outside the
traditional retail store. If you want to save money but hate
malls and department stores (especially during sale time),
try outlet, off-price, garage- and yard-sale shopping.

* OUTLETS exist for many different types of stores.
From clothing and housewares (such as J. Crew and
Pottery Barn) to food and hardware superstores (such
as Costco and Home Depot), you can get what you
need for less.

* OFF-PRICE STORES are a great alternative to
retail clothes shopping. They often offer current designer
styles at a quarter of the cost and also help extend your
budget (so that you can make that one impulsive
purchase you really want). The return policies at
off-price stores are usually similar to those at regular
retail stores but always ask to be sure.

* GARAGE AND YARD SALES offer low-cost
ways to furnish a college student's apartment, buy your
grandchild a classic Barbie or find that Sinatra album
you lost last time you moved. Not only will you spend
a fraction of the money you would in a retail store but
garage sales and yard sales can be a free, fun activity
to enjoy with your whole family. Most sales have items
that are in great condition.

* SECONDHAND STORES often sell clothing, toys,
furniture, bicycles and household items at very low
prices. Many secondhand stores, such as thrift stores
and antique stores, sell items that are in very good
condition, sometimes even like-new.

Source: "The Bottom Line Bargain Book" (adapted)

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