10 More Easy Ways To Save Your Hard-Earned Dollar

* Hang 4 loads of laundry a week instead of running the

* Drink 4 fewer canes of soda per week (saving $100 a

* Tape 10 pieces of music from the radio, rather than
buying commercially recorded audiotapes.

* Cut your family's hair yourself.

* Bake one batch of bread (two loaves) once a week.

* Write one good letter a month, instead of making an $8
long-distance telephone call.

* Use half your usual amount of cleaning and personal
care products. Find the minimum effective level for
everything. You may even find that you can make do
with less than half your usual amount.

* Buy articles of clothing from thrift shops and yard sales,
rather than paying store prices. It can also be fun.

* Barter for one regular price. Consider three-party trades,
to get exactly what you need.

* Use dry milk. The average family will save about $100 a

Source: Amy Dacyczyn, "The Frugal Zealot" (adapted)

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