ChapStick® Lip Balm Tips

Prevent car battery corrosion.
Smear ChapStick on clean car battery terminals.

Lubricate a zipper.
Rub ChapStick along the teeth of the zipper to
make it zip smoothly.

Moisturize skin.
Rubbing ChapStick on your face protects the
skin from windburn while snow skiing.

Remove a ring stuck on a finger.
Coat finger with ChapStick and slide the ring off.

Lubricate nails and screws.
Nails and screws rubbed with ChapStick will
go into wood more easily.

Shine leather shoes.
In a pinch, rub ChapStick over the leather and
buff with a dry, clean cloth.

Lubricate furniture drawers and windows.
Rub ChapStick on the casters of drawers and
windows so they slide open and shut easily.

Prevent hair coloring from dying your skin.
Rub ChapStick along your hairline before
coloring your hair.

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