To Save On Your Electric Bill, Monitor Usage

Electricity can take a sizeable bite out of your monthly
budget but you can take steps to lower your bill:

* While most people are conscientious about turning off
lights in unused rooms, lights and televisions are not the
big electric gobbling culprits. Large appliances, such as
refrigerators, chest freezers, electric heaters and air
conditioners eat up more than their fair share of kilowatts.

* Rearrange appliances so refrigerators and stoves are not
situated next to each other. Be sure to keep refrigerators
or freezers away from radiators or heat ducts.

* Move drapes so that heated or cooled air isn't routed out
the windows. Don't allow drapes to hang over air
conditioners, heaters or radiators.

* Lower electric heat or air-conditioning thermostats and
rely more on clothing for comfort.

* Shop around if you have electric choice. Pay attention to
your bill and usage, to make sure you are saving money.

Over the years, the dollars you shave off your electric bill
can add up to a substantial amount.

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