Use Non-Food Rewards For Children

Why do people reward their children with food? It's
probably because a food reward is what they were
given as a child, so it's the first thing that pops into
their heads as an adult.

To stop giving food rewards, first involve your
children in the process. Sit down with them, to
make a list of inexpensive non-food rewards
they would like.

By involving your children in the process, you
reduce the possibility that they will whine for
candy when you give them the reward of
their choosing.

It's helpful to create two lists: one for big
achievements and one for smaller achievements.
For big achievements, such as an excellent
report card, you could buy them a new Lego
box or toy accessory or maybe rent a
children's movie.

For smaller achievements, such as good behavior
at the table, you might read them a favorite
bedtime story or let them stay up five minutes
longer, have a bubble bath or play outside five
minutes longer.

In either case, being able to refer to the list at a
glance will give you the convenience you need
during your busy day. Shifting the focus away
from food will help your children establish
healthy patterns that will help them control their
weight later in life. And you might find that it
helps you, too.

Source: Gary Rempe, "1001 Simple Ways to Lose Weight"

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