Beauty Secrets You Can Sink Your Teeth Into

Your teeth are in large part the focal point of your
entire face, so keeping teeth and gums healthy
deserves your attention. In that spirit, consider
these suggestions:

* While brushing your teeth is essential to maintaining
oral health, overbrushing can do more harm than good.
Using a hard-bristle toothbrush or applying too much
pressure when brushing can cause gums to become
irritated and recede.

* To keep gums in tip-top shape, use a soft bristle
brush and work in up-and-down strokes, focusing on
one quarter of the jaw at a time.

* A late-model high-quality electric toothbrush can go a
long way toward not just keeping your teeth clean and
removing plaque but also massaging your gums.

* Many health-conscious people find that safely
combining flossing with some other activity helps them
work this important task into their busy schedules
(listening to a daily newscast, for example). As a sign
seen in a dentist's office reads, "You don't have to floss
all your teeth - just the ones you want to keep!"

* Speaking of dentists, it's a good idea to avoid the
temptation to put off regular check-ups, scheduling at
least two each year. Make your appointment for the
next visit each time you go in. Immediately jot it
down on your calendar.

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