Bill-Paying Made Easier: The Key Is Consistency

The key to easier bill paying is consistency - in who
pays the bills, when, where and how:

* One Person Should Pay All The Bills. But make
sure that the non-bill-paying spouse understands
the system.

* Pay Bills Twice A Month, on the same days
every month.

* Set Up One File for the first half of the month
and another for the second. When bills come in, file
by due date. If a bill has no due date, put it with the
group to be paid first.

* Choose A Convenient Place To Pay Your Bills
and use it routinely. A bill-paying kit with all needed
supplies should be kept there.

* Pay All Bills Of The Same Type In The Same Way.
Charge all medical expenses on the same card, for
example. Online payment saves time and stamps, while
programs such as Quicken can be used to print your
checks and keep records.

* After Paying A Bill, Put The Date Paid and check
number on the part that you retain. File by category.
Keep only the current year's bills and one year back.
One important exception are the records you need
for tax purposes.

Source: Julie Morgenstern,
"Organizing from the Inside Out"

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