3 Easy Things You Can Do To Improve Your Health

* SIP ICE WATER. It keeps your cells hydrated
and also helps you burn calories (by raising your
metabolism, in response to the cold). Start the day
with eight to 16 ounces of ice water. Sip a 16-ounce
glass every hour or two, keeping one next to you at
work and at home. All told, you should drink eight
glasses a day. Finish up by 7 pm - to avoid having to
get up to use the bathroom after you go to bed.

* BASK IN BRIGHT LIGHT. Most people get a
powerful surge of energy from sunlight or bright
indoor light. To make the best use of this effect,
move your desk chair closer to a window, if possible.
Or, better yet, take a five-minute outdoor walk every
few hours. Indoors, replace incandescent or
fluorescent bulbs with full-spectrum "daylight" bulbs
from a lighting or health-food store (cost: $7 to $9
for bulbs, $12 to $20 for tubes).

Cross-training is the process by which you "stretch"
your mind in as many different directions as possible
by engaging in a variety of mental and physical
activities. Word puzzles and other games are an easy
way to perform this cross-training. Other ideas: Pick
a random sentence from the newspaper, then rearrange
the words to make a new sentence, play Scrabble or do
crossword puzzles, challenge a friend to chess or

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