Protect Yourself Against Magazine Subscription Sca


Magazine subscriptions are often sold by phone. To protect
yourself from dangers such as telemarketers who will try to
sell you subscriptions at inflated rates, consider these

* Never accept a subscription to a magazine without fully
understanding the total cost. If a seller won't divulge this
information, end the conversation.

* Be wary of sales pitches that reveal a subscription amount
only in terms of dollars per week. Some deals sound OK until
you add up the annual cost, which might be more than twice
the regular subscription rate.

* Make sure that you have cancellation rights, before you
accept a deal. Some states in the U.S. mandate that you are
legally required to pay a subscription after you orally
accept the offer.

* To safeguard yourself from scams, ask for a written copy
of the contract, before you agree to the purchase. Read the
contract carefully and be sure to figure out the cost of the
entire package.

* Be very careful about giving out your credit card or bank
account number to. This information can be used to debit
your account without your permission.

Source: "The Bottom Line Bargain Book" (adapted)

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