Four Steps to a Day of Winter Fun

All you need is fresh snow and a reasonably warm day to gather the gang for winter fun. Luann Grosscup and Jo O’Connor Tazelaar have these quick tips for a cold weather adventure from “Instant Parties” (Meadowbrook Press).

-Tell everyone to pull on their layers and bring over their favorite winter outdoor activity equipment, such as sleds, skates, and cross-country skis. Hits the hills and have as much fun as you did when you were a kid.

-When they’ve had enough, invite everyone over for a warm-up. Provide electric blankets, quilts, and pillows to make sure everyone’s toasty and comfortable. Light candles or a fire in the fireplace. Play some smooth big band music to keep everyone in a festive mood.

-To replenish lost energy, serve these easy refreshments: corn chowder made from two cans of cream of potato soup, two cans of creamed corn, and pepper onion flakes, garlic powder, paprika, and nutmeg to taste; crusty bread toasted with a light layer of butter and Italian seasoning; mulled wine made of cranberry juice, Burgundy or merlot, thin slices of citrus fruit, cinnamon, cloves, and allspice heated on the stove.

-Have an indoor snowball fight. On a sheet of paper, write the name of a guest a stunt you’d like him or her to perform. Crumple the sheets into balls and start a snowball fight. Set a timer for each round, and when it rings, the person with the most snowballs gets to open one up and read the name of the guest and the stunt.

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