Surprise crackers or party favors

You'll need a empty toilet paper roll for each person / child.
construction paper, to cut the same length and width plus 1/4" as the roll. This covers the roll and makes it look nice aftr opening.
For the inside, you can put candy, small toys, confetti (outdoors!), money, anything age appropriate. For example: Christmas has candy, small toys (cars for boys & faux jewelry for girls), and Merry Christmas inside. For forth of July, the very small squirt guns or squirt toys, candy, balloons, Use your imagination.
After you stuff the tubes with desired objects, you wrap in cellofane or wraping paper that is 5" longer than tube. Carefully gather the end and tie a ribbon to seal, repeat for other end. The kids can help make them or be surprised with them, but they always like them.
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