Wind Chime

Clear plastic lids
X-Acto knife
Hole punch
Fishing line
Stick or dowel
Jingle bells
Step 1:
Cut the rims off the plastic lids, then help your children cut out seven (or as many as you like) leaf shapes from the clear plastic. If you want, you can create "veins" on the leaves by lightly scoring each one with an X-Acto blade.

Step 2:
Punch a hole in the top and bottom of each leaf. Tie a 7- to 10-inch length of fishing line to the top of each leaf, then hang the leaves, evenly spaced, from the stick or dowel.

Step 3:
Using short lengths of fishing line, hang a jingle bell from the bottom of each leaf.

Step 4:
To make a hanger, tie the ends of a 6- to 8-inch piece of fishing line to each end of the stick

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