The Golden Rules of Bronzing

February 12th, 2013 posted by Cathy Jacobs

by Cathy Jacobs

Although we all know too much sun is a bad thing, we still crave the golden glow of a suntan. There’s just something undeniably appealing about skin that has a healthy hue. To keep your tan without sacrificing your skin, fake it like Lindsay Lohan, with bronzing products that mimic the sun’s effects. Follow these easy bronzing guidelines to safely maintain your sun goddess status all-year-round.

Choose Your Weapon

When choosing a bronzer, make sure it doesn’t appear too orange or frosted. A little shimmer goes a long way also – too much shimmer can make skin look unnatural and harsh. Never go more than two shades darker than your natural skin tone either. Bronzers are meant to warm your skin, not color it. (If it’s a deep tan look you’re after, you will be better off with a sunless tanning product). // Keep Makeup Simple If you are using a bronzer, don’t apply a coppery eye shadow and bronzed lipstick. You don’t want your entire face awash in a sea of gold; you want your features to stand out. Copy Lindsay Lohan’s style by opting for contrasts that enhance your skin tone. Simplify eye make-up with a warm brown or black liner like Lindsay (though you don’t have to apply QUITE so much!) and one or two light coats of mascara. On lips, use sheer, clear colors such as corals, reds or russets (Lindsay usually chooses a coral-ish shade of pink with a hint of orange). When you’re wearing bronzer, you should apply little or no foundation to keep your bronzed effect as natural as possible. Too much foundation can leave your bronzer looking ‘muddy’ and artificial, ruining the effect. If you feel you need foundation for coverage, try a tinted moisturizer instead.

Choose The Right Formula

Powder bronzers are best for oily complexions. If your skin is dry or you like a dewy finish, choose a cream, stick or gel to achieve your color.

Apply It Like A Pro

When applying a powder bronzer, it’s important to have the right brush. A wide, fluffy powder brush is your best bet. To begin, dip the brush into the color and tap it on the back of your hand to remove any excess. Apply color to the areas of the face the sun would naturally hit: cheeks, forehead, chin and the bridge of the nose. Blend well. For lighter complexions (like Lindsay’s naturally fair, freckled skin), follow with a touch of pink or rose blush on the apples of the cheeks for a natural-looking flush. Cream, stick or liquid bronzers should be applied using your fingers. First apply the bronzer and rub fingers together to even the color. Then dab the bronzer onto the apples of your cheeks and blend using circular motions. Work the color back toward the hairline. Leftover color can be dabbed onto the bridge of the nose, forehead and brow bones to warm the rest of the face.

Take It Easy!

The best rule of thumb for bronzing is to start light and build color slowly. As you add color, take a few steps back from the mirror now and then, to get a look at the whole effect you’re creating. If you happen to accidentally over-bronze, either use a dry cotton pad to wipe some off or dust your face with a little loose powder to lighten the color.

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