Summer Hair Care

February 12th, 2013 posted by Cathy Jacobs

by Cathy Jacobs

Summer may bring fabulous visions of natural highlights and long windblown hair. The reality is that summer sun and humidity can damage your hair and result in dry, dull, split, brittle or frizzy hair and ends. Naturally curly hair is especially vulnerable to summer frizzies. Follow these summer hair care tips, and you won’t have to spend the fall and winter trying to repair your hair.


Hanging out in the sun without protection for your hair and scalp is the worst thing you can do. The sun’s heat can burn, over dry and damage your hair permanently. If you get the frizzies, that’s hair damage. Wear a hat or bandana on your head when you’re at the beach, in your convertible or out in the hot sun. When you don’t want to wear a hair cover-up, you should wear a sunscreen made especially for hair. There are several great products available in drugstores right now. // If you unexpectedly find yourself at the beach without a hat or SPF for you hair, use sunscreen made for your skin. When you get home be sure and use a deep-cleansing shampoo (like Neutrogena) to rinse it out. It may not be the best solution in the world, but it could save your hair from irreversible sun damage.


Summer’s heat and sun will already dry out hair. Too much shampoo will make it even dryer. You can wash with shampoo every other day at most, and you must condition every single day. When possible, finish with a cool to cold rinse to seal the hair cuticle and impart natural shine. For summer months consider switching to hair care products that are as all-natural as possible. Johnson’s Baby Shampoo and products from Lush or The Body Shop are great.


Make a point during the lazy days of summer to liven up your locks with leave-in conditioner. Apply it liberally while you’re at the beach or lying by the pool. Start applying an inch down from your scalp (where you don’t need more oil, especially in warm weather). Comb the conditioner through your hair and massage into the ends with fingers. At night, a few times a week, dab a good deep conditioner onto the ends and the frizziest parts of your hair. Pin up your hair or pop on a shower cap (it holds in heat and make the conditioner work even better). Then sleep on it. Using this method will restore moisture to your parched hair, reducing the frizzies.


After swimming in the ocean, lake or pool, rinse your hair immediately with running water to remove chemicals, salts and other impurities that can be disastrous to hair color and condition.


If you normally blow dry and use hot curling tools every day, try to give your hair a break during the summer months. Consider letting your hair air-dry. Curly haired girls, let your natural curls free! For girls who usually curl their straight hair, hair braided when wet will air-dry into beautiful waves. If you absolutely, positively can’t live without your blow dryer, you must use a heat-activated conditioning product that’s designed to protect your hair when blow drying.


Be religious about getting your hair trimmed every six to eight weeks. Since summer heat can be so pump up the frizzies, you need to have the ends trimmed regularly, especially during the summer months. When your ends are fizzy, it’s a sure sign that they are either damaged, split or both.

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