Hiding Flaws With Concealer

February 12th, 2013 posted by Cathy Jacobs

by Cathy Jacobs

Concealer is a woman’s secret weapon when she wants to hide dark under-eye circles, redness under the eyes (from crying or lack of sleep) or red marks on skin, like scarring from pimples. To get the most out of it, though, you need to choose the right formula of concealer for you, in the right shade.

Choosing a Color

Using the right color concealer for your skin is crucial to getting good coverage. If the color you apply to your blemishes or under-eye circles is too light or too dark, it will only emphasize the imperfections you are trying to hide. To get the right color for your skin, it’s important to test the product before buying it. Dab a splotch of the concealer on the side of your neck, just under your ear. When you blend it in, it should become invisible. (This actually works much better than testing it on your face). If you have pimples or blemishes, you may want to try a concealer that has acne medication in it. There are several available to try, including ones by Clearasil and Bonne Bell.

Choosing the Right Formula for You

Before you buy, you’ll also want to figure out which formula of concealer you want to get – there are several kinds. The difference between them is in how they are applied, and whether they offer light or heavy coverage.

  • If your skin is fair to medium in tone, and also if it’s dry, you’ll want to choose a lighter, sheer concealer. A concealer stick, wand or a light concealer cream are your best bets.
  • If your skin is olive or dark in color, a concealer that offers heavier, drier coverage will be better for you. Try a concealer stick, or if your skin is very dry, a cream formulation (you’ll get a bit less coverage with cream but lots more moisturizing).
  • If your under-eye circles or blemishes aren’t that obvious, skip the concealer and use an oil-free foundation instead. Swipe a little foundation over blemishes or under-eye circles first, then apply the foundation all over your face and blend in for full but light coverage.

Tips for Applying Concealer

  • Apply concealer (and all your makeup) in a room or area lit by direct sunlight (instead of an overhead lamp) if possible. You’ll get much more natural-looking results.
  • Moisturize your face well before applying.
  • Start with your eyes. Using the tip of your index finger, dab a few teeny dots of concealer a little bit under the eye (NOT right at the lash line), starting at the inner corner and working to almost the outer corner. Blend by swooshing your finger gently over the line of dots you’ve created, a few times until the makeup doesn’t show. Don’t blend it right up against your inner eye, or you’ll just emphasize the areas you’re trying to hide.
  • If your concealer seems dry or like it’s sitting on top of the skin (not blended in completely), use your finger to swipe a little moisturizer over the area and blend it in lightly.
  • Use the same application method (sparingly) anywhere else on your face where you have red marks or uneven patches of skin color.
  • Finish your concealer application by dusting the area lightly with translucent powder to set it. It should stay on all day.
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