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February 12th, 2013 posted by Family Circle Weekend Crafts

Headband with polka dots Begin with plain barrettes, headbands and ponytail holders. With some imagination and glue you can turn these items from boring to adorable for any little girl in your life! Perfect for back to school.

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What you do

Ribbon Headband

You will need: 1 1/2 yards ribbon (blue with white polka dots) Child’s headband // scrap of red felt Threads to match ribbon and felt Trimmings such as flowers, beads, appliques (optional) Tacky glue or hot glue gun Cut a piece of ribbon the same length as the headband. Glue ribbon to top (outer) side of headband. Make a loop in the center of remaining length of ribbon (figure 1). Tie center of loop with matching thread to make a bow (figure 2). figure 1 FIG 1

figure 2 FIG 2

Cut three pairs of small hearts from red felt. Using matching thread, sew with a running stitch around each pair of hearts. Tack to the venter of bow and at each end of the ribbon. If desired, sustitute flowers, beads or appliques for felt hearts. ponytail holders

Ponytail Loops

You will need: Eyelet lace Trimmings, such as flowers, appliques, beads, ribbons White thread Tacky glue or hot glue gun Gather a small piece of eyelet lace, using a running stitch, and attach ends to form a circle. Glue lace to ponytail loop. Glue on flowers in center of eyelet circle. Variation: Gather a length of ribbon into a circle and glue to ponytail loop. Add streamers, bows, fabric stars or other trimmings of your choice.

Fancy Barrettes

polka dot barrette

You will need: Ribbon (red with white polka dots) Barrette White eyelet lace Scrap of red felt Synthetic stuffing White and red threads Tacky glue and hot glue gun Cut a length of ribbon that when folded in half will be longer than barrette. Fold ribbon with loops at each end and glue to barrette. Fold a second loop of ribbon that is slightly shorter than the first; glue to top of first ribbon. Arrange four pieces of ribbon of desired length flaring outward from center of looped ribbon; glue to looped ribbon (photo). Notch each end of flared ribbon pieces. Using a running stitch, gather a small piece of lace. Attach ends of lace together to form a circle; tie off. Glue lace circle to center of ribbon bow. Make a heart from felt: Cut two hearts from felt and, using a small running stitch, sew together around edge. Before ending, slightly stuff heart to puff up. Glue r tack stuffed heart to center of lace. Variations

variations of barrettes

Glue a length of ribbon to barrette. To this ribbon, glue another length of ribbon that has been folded with raw edges in back. Embellish with flowers, beads or appliques. Gather eyelet lace to form a circle or an oval. Glue to barrette. Embellish with flowers. Glue felt hearts to each end of barrette. Decorate with ribbon and ribbon roses. Cut star shapes from felt; sew together with stuffing in between to puff up center; glue stars to barrette. Gather ribbon to form a circle, glue to barrette. Add beads, appliques and flowers.

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