The Big Sibling Book

February 12th, 2013 posted by Amy Krouse Rosenthal

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Big Sibling Book

Great news – you’re going to have another bundle of joy! As every mom knows, this is truly a wonderful and exciting time in your life. It’s a treasure to be shared with your closest loved ones as you anxiously await the latest addition to your family. A baby is on the way and nothing could be better. One of the most important steps in preparing for your newborn is grooming your youngest child for this big change. There is absolutely nothing more fun (or memorable) than being a big brother or sister, right? Let them know that being a big sibling is a wonderful thing, and getting your eldest ready for the huge event should be just as exciting to them as it is to mommy and daddy. Their enthusiasm and involvement in the process is key to the overall health and happiness of your entire family as this is an important time in everyone’s lives. Being able to share in the joy and love of your impending newborn with their future older sibling is priceless – from beginning to birth and beyond. Get their perspective on things by giving them the means to creatively express and share themselves with their younger sibling before and after their arrival with

The Big Sibling Book: Baby’s First Year According to Me

from Random House, Inc. Amy Krouse Rosenthal, author of Little Hoot, Spoon and Brain Lint Note Cards for Mom , gives us this oh-so-adorable keepsake journal full of interviews and activities, perfect for helping your firstborn prepare for the new arrival! Designed specifically for a child’s point of view (big kids ages 2-6), your little love will have an absolute blast interacting with the book in an incredibly entertaining, informative and fun way. Starting off during pregnancy, your child is asked to draw or glue a photo of themselves unto the page before their younger sibling “came into the picture. ” This is followed by the announcement of becoming a big brother or sister and how they feel about welcoming someone new into the family. A place for an ultrasound pic and family scoop info such as pets, cousins, and babysitters, is also prominently featured. Each colorful, lively page allows for personal writing by your youngest (with help from mom or dad when needed, of course!) such as “My Favorite Things” where they can list their favorite book, animal, color and toy. There’s also fill in the blank sentences and check boxes to help them along. The book is all inclusive; basically, journaling pregnancy to birth to when baby turns one year old. There are journal stickers for decoration and expression, numerous activities such as footprint comparisons, birthday comparisons and even hair comparisons where your child is asked to tape a lock of their hair and the baby’s hair to the page to see how alike or different they are. There’s also a photo gallery, “Sibling Gallery,” where your older one can paste photos from holidays, games, memories and the like to mark big and little sibling’s first year together. The gallery includes captions you or your child may want to use like “pigging out,” “first day of school,” and “all dressed up.” The beauty of The Big Sibling Book is that it allows some much needed bonding time for you and your little one before the new baby arrives, while giving them some space to create on their own. Rosenthal delivers a captivating and enchanting journal plus keepsake that will stay with your family forever. Expecting another child or know someone who is? Make sure to pick up The Big Sibling Book: Baby’s First Year According to Me , available now.

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