Safety On School Buses

February 12th, 2013 posted by Julie Peak

It has come to my attention that there is a question whether or not safety belts belong on school buses. Anyone who knows me, knows I am definitely in favor of them. I used to ride a bus to school; an hour long ride, and there were times I feared for my life. To this day I don’t feel entirely comfortable with the notion of someday letting my own kids get on a bus without safety belts. Have you seen the video taped accounts of unbuckled children being catapulted across the bus when going over even the smallest bumps?! What is the problem here? I went as far as to go to a committee at the Capitol in Sacramento, to listen to the arguments put forth on the matter, not believing there could be any. Thinking that there would be a bunch of bus drivers not wanting to waste their time belting their riders in, I was surprised, or not so surprised, that it simply came down to dollars and cents. Would the school systems be willing to pay the extra buck for safer buses? There were some arguments that actually tried to convince the committee that belts really don’t do any good, and it looked as if the bill being proposed was not going to pass. They were even saying things like we don’t want to pass this just because it involves children. Just to be politically correct. If it involves the safety of children, then why not?! It doesn’t take a genius to get that a safety belt is going to help save a life. Isn’t that what they were designed to accomplish? You’ll be glad to know the bill did get passed, but still has more channels to go through before it actually becomes a law. It has a ways to go, but I am certain the more we speak up and speak out for what we believe in to protect the lives of our children, then progress can be made. It is absolutely atrocious to me that this issue is even in question but as long as it is, I will fight for it. That is my duty, my privilege, and My Two Cents Worth!

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