5 Frugal Ways to Freshen Your Decor for Spring

May 9th, 2013 posted by Vicki O'Dell

5 Frugal Ways to Freshen Your Decor for Spring by Vicki O'Dell for FamilyCorner.com

Spring is finally here and you may be longing for a lighter, brighter, freshened home. Out with the darker, heavier items of winter and in with the lighter more colorful accents of spring. The good thing is that there is no need to run out and buy hundreds of dollars worth of new home decor accents when you can use items you have on hand, or can create with just a few dollars.

Try one of all of these ideas to bring the fresh look and feel of spring into your home.

5 Frugal Ways to Freshen Your Decor for Spring by Vicki O'Dell for FamilyCorner.com

1. Throw Pillows
An easy and affordable way to update for spring is to change out the decorative pillows on sofas and chairs. Envelope-style pillow covers are super easy to make. Lake House Style has a great tutorial for making an envelope style pillow cover. This great trick is perfect for covering existing pillows and eliminating the need to purchase new pillow forms.

As far as inexpensive spring fabric goes, browse your wardrobe from last year and use those items that you no longer wear. Another option is to make a trip to the thrift store for truly economical fabrics.

2. Remove or change up layers
In colder climates layers of curtains, throws and other material are often added to interiors for warmth and comfort during the winter months. Spring is the time to either remove those layers or switch to lighter layers. Change out thick wool or yarn afghans for lighter throws in light, spring colors. Doing so will add a pop of color and a bit of cover for a chilly spring evening.

Remove curtains or a layer of curtains. I always add sheers to my windows under the drapes to add another layer of protection from cold around the windows. In the spring I take them down, launder and store them for the season. You can also try swapping out heavy drapes for lighter sheer or lace fabric. Lighten up the window coverings to let the beautiful sunshine in.

3. Spring Clean
Now that you’ve lightened up the layers a bit you will want to do a little spring-cleaning. Once that sunshine starts coming in the windows you may be surprised at how dusty your home looks. Move the furniture, wash the curtains, shampoo the carpet and clean the windows. Be sure to clean all of the reflective surfaces in your home as they will help to maximize the sunshine. Spring cleaning may take some elbow grease but it’s definitely a budget friendly exercise.

4. Fragrance
Because the house has been closed up for the winter, you may notice that it doesn’t smell as fresh as you might like. Fresh air and cleaning will go a long way toward making your home smell nice again, but you may also try candles that have light floral scents. You’ll want just enough fragrance to make visitors think there might be a vase of fresh flowers nearby. Of course, you could always place a vase of fresh flowers on an entry way table too! Divine Caroline has a list of the most fragrant flowers to grow or buy, as well as a list of ways to make cut flowers last longer. Keep in mind that if the flowers are fragrant you won’t need very many of them to scent a room or entry in your home.

5 Frugal Ways to Freshen Your Decor for Spring by Vicki O'Dell for FamilyCorner.com

5. Bring nature indoors
Buy six-packs of inexpensive shade annuals such as pansies, fuchsias, and impatiens. Place them in pots in a sunny window inside for some great color and life in your rooms. Three or five lined up across a windowsill make a great statement. You can also bring the outdoors in by adding fabric that has botanical or natural images to your pillows or throws. Visit the used bookstore for botanical images in books then frame the pages for wall décor. These do-it-yourself aged frames with botanical prints are a perfect example of easy, inexpensive décor. Another way to bring nature inside is to create a spring themed wreath for your home or door. This Pinerest Pin Board “A Bounty of Wreaths” is full of wreath making inspiration to get you started.

Armed with these ideas, a little time, elbow grease and ingenuity you can freshen the look of your home for spring without emptying your piggy bank. Now that your home is bright and fresh you can invite some friends over for a spring gathering. They will be amazed by all of your work and want to know how you did it!

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